Talking Action: Conversations for Change Workshops

Talking Action: Conversations for Change Workshops


Our workshops for small groups focus on practical, action-planning conversations for change. Established in 2014, this format utilises conversation structures as a key tool to connect with others, refine ideas and take first or next steps towards decisive action.

In our first groups, plans created by participants included:
• changing the way we live to have less impact on the environment
• reducing waste both personally and in the corporate world
• a project examining how gender inequality truly manifests in the workplace
• a blueprint for increasing access to child-led education
• how to improve integration of refugees in our communities
• how better to utilise consumer power to influence policy

In a stimulating and lively atmosphere, plans were shared with the group for feedback and to identify opportunities for collaboration. Whilst our individual influence may be limited, collectively we can reach further than we might imagine – networks identified in the workshops stretched across countries, communities and through a broad range of industries, including the financial, health, education, tourism and charity sectors. Further, participants collectively represented a broad range of skills and talents, which were eagerly offered in service to the array of projects for positive change being proposed.

If you are interested in participating in a Conversations for Change workshop, please get in touch:

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