Social Presencing Embracing Divine Feminity- March 2021

Social Presencing Embracing Divine Feminity- March 2021
At this time of the year, the ground begins to soften and the Earth experiences a re-birth as it awakens from its winter slumber welcoming the Spring energy of new life and hope. We celebrated with a ladies meditation on the night of the Full Worm Moon.
The theme for the full moon meditation was to explore the emotional and spiritual meaning of the Full Worm Moon, a time for renewal, rebirth and revitalization.
Together we embraced a spiritual reset, planting new seeds of possibility in our hearts and exploring all the dreams that lay ahead, embarking on amazing new journeys.
On this day, we started afresh, taking all the wisdom of the past with us and opening up to let the new cycle begin. This was a time to rejuvenate our sense of self, either consciously or subconsciously.
We followed the meditation session with some social presencing theatre. This is not “theater” in the conventional sense, but uses simple body postures and movements to dissolve limiting concepts, to communicate directly, to access intuition, and to make visible both current reality, and the deeper – often invisible – leverage points for creating profound change.
A social art form blending social action research, theater, contemplative practices, intentional silence, generative dialogue, and open space…
A beautiful sharing, thank you ladies. Each of us overcoming a sense of being stuck and realising we have strength and support in community, allowing us to evolve from current to future reality.

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