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Strategic Assessment

Assessment of strategy, staffing (engagement and empowerment), value chain, financials and innovation to enable your business to have more impact.

Project Management

Focusing on continuous improvement, co-creation, flexibility with strong planning, resourcing, delivery management and budgeting.

Transformational Change

Design, management and implementation of change through workshops, facilitation and training, delivered bespoke to your business and environment.

Process Mapping

Review existing processes to identify bottlenecks, remove duplication, streamline activities for efficiency and support change delivery.


Assessment of existing business systems. Design, development and implementation of CRM, project management, customer support, marketing, management information, analytics. e-commerce and accounts systems.

Risk and Governance

Design and delivery of robust risk and governance structures, leveraging self-organisational models, consensus decision making, implementing controls for compliance with a strong focus on long-term sustainability.


Business and personal coaching, on and off-site, group and individual coaching, utilising collaborative techniques, strategic interventions and other methods that tap into the collective creativity and group wisdom.

Business Analysis

Analysis of products and services to highlight profitability, cost efficiencies, financial reporting, target customers, dashboards, financial modelling and forecasting to inform key management decisions.