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Respect for Life

“Animal agriculture is the leading cause of species extinction. In addition to the monumental habitat destruction caused by clearing forests and converting land to grow feed crops and for animal grazing, predators and “competition” species are frequently targeted and hunted because of a perceived threat to livestock profits. The widespread use of pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers used in the production of feed crops often interferes with the reproductive systems of animals and poison waterways. The overexploitation of wild species through commercial fishing, bushmeat trade as well as animal agriculture’s impact on climate change, all contribute to global depletion of species and resources.”


Animal Agriculture is expected to cause the largest mass extinction in the last 65 million years. Let’s work together to prevent this.  

We advocate respect for all living creatures and share knowledge on factory farming, animal cruelty, trophy killing, animal exploitation and endangered species to drive positive change in the world for all living organisms.