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About Gina Battye

Gina is a world-renowned LGBT+ Identity Coach and Inclusion Consultant for Fortune 500 companies and leading global organisations.

Specialising in bringing all of who you are to work (authenticity) and getting your organisation ready for the Generation Z workforce, Gina is called upon worldwide to deliver her insights, training and consultancy, by leading global organisations and Fortune 500 companies. Gina works with senior leaders, executives, HR teams, Diversity and Inclusion teams, as well as with individuals.

Outside Gina’s LGBT+ work, she has a huge passion for the environment and animal conservation.

She is an award-winning speaker and uses her natural talent to deliver talks and workshops on the things that fire her up!

As a presenter, Gina has the rare ability to electrify an audience yet deliver original and useful insights that lead to individuals making immediate changes in their life.

Gina’s Passion Projects

* Human-Wildlife Conflict

* Plastic Pollution

* Animal Conservation (Marine and Terrestrial)

* The Galapagos

* Turtle Conservation and Protection

* Conservation & Wildlife Travel

* Permaculture: living lightly on the planet, and making sure that we can sustain human activities for many generations to come, in harmony with nature.

* Sustainable Living

* Veganism

* Nomadic Lifestyle

* Reducing Your Carbon Footprint