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Conversations for Change: What’s stopping us?
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Date(s) - 11/11/2017
9:00 am - 5:30 pm

De Vere Venues Latimer Place


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If we could solve any problem in 24 hours – local, global, small or large – what would you want to work on?

If our society and systems were truly founded on values of kindness and compassion, diversity, accessibility and sustainability, what would that look like?

How could we each be part of creating that world right now?

Join us on Saturday 11th November 2017 for a whole day to explore the answers to these questions and the possibility that every one of us can make a positive impact, whatever our experience or level of influence.

Using a style of workshop known as Open Space, and facilitated by Francois Knuchel (Caterfly, Human Organising Co), this is a day that is entirely led by its participants – there are NO speakers.  Each participant brings a unique perspective and value, and through this creative and energetic workshop ideas are shared and shaped, endless possibilities glimpsed and innovative plans made.  In the process, you will learn more about what motivates you and where you can most meaningfully make a difference, and establish connections to a broader network of individuals and organisations aiming to shape a better world for all.

What do we need to talk about:

We live in troubling times.  Terrorist attacks occur on a daily basis around the world, unsettling our sense of security especially when they occur close to home.  Yet many more people die due to living in poverty, with UNICEF estimating that 22000 children die each day due to poverty-related causes.  Progress made on issues such as human rights or climate change risks being set back years by leaders elected within outdated and unequal democratic systems.

The problems faced by individuals, communities, society and the world as a whole are endless, and solutions seem limited or are undermined by those in power, or they can be unsustainable, existing on funds or donations in a world that only seems to prize profit as a successful outcome.

So what do we need? 

We need:

–       motivated, educated and proactive individuals prepared to make a change

–       new and innovative approaches to age-old problems

–       to share perspectives, ideas and experiences

–       to work collaboratively in order to shape a world in which there is more compassion, love, justice, equality, and protection for vulnerable people and for our global resources.

Who is the event for:

Leading changemakers, local changemakers, latent changemakers

Anyone seeking to make a positive impact or contribution to the society we live in


About Conversations for Change

Established in 2014, Conversations for Change is a not-for-profit organisation exploring the power conversations have in shaping ideas, creating possibibilities and stimulating action.  Our aim is to inspire, motivate and empower people to make a difference to the world around them, in order to bring about a kinder, more equal and sustainable way of living.  This is our third full-day event in London; we have run weekend conferences in St Anton, Austria and smaller conversation groups focusing on specific issues in various locations.  Read more about our past events at

Our ticket price enables us to partially cover our costs.  We have some discounted and some bursary tickets available so please contact us if the price is an obstable to you being able to attend the event.

Although we have set a “No refunds” policy through Eventbrite, please do contact us if for any reason you are not able to attend after you have made your purchase.


Be part of the conversation – Be part of the change


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