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Date(s) - 09/08/2014 - 10/08/2014
All Day

De Vere Venues Latimer Place


DAY ONE: The Problem and Principles of the Future (10:00-16:30)

1) Warm up: Visualization exercise (Depika)

2) Introductions (Susan): Who we are, why we are here, what moves us and inspires us

3) What is wrong with the world?
Pecha kucha presentation (Heidi) – Discussion

LUNCH (13:00-14:00)

4) The principles of the ideal future world…Collective brainstorm

YOGA with Komal (17:00)

DINNER (19:00)

5) Ideation Part I…after dinner game

DAY TWO: The Shape of the New World (9:30-16:00)

6) Summary of progress and ideas so far

7) Breakout into smaller groups to propose what good looks like for each of the areas (unlimited resources, budget, everything is achievable). Members decide which topics they would like to discuss. Bring links to videos (or any other material) you think might be relevant for each subgroup.
A. POLITICS: government, democracy, freedom
B. COMMERCE: economy, currency, trade, finance, debt.
C. THE PLANET: environment, energy, resources, conservation, ecology, sustainability
D. PEOPLE: education, community, healthcare, spirituality

LUNCH (12:30-13:30)

8) Present ideas back to the group

9) Birth of The New World: Bringing it all together
Discuss commonality and linking the ideas together
The New World Vision

10) What next:
Long term and medium term goals
Recognizing quick wins for immediate gains
Takeaways and homework
Agree next summit for The New World


  • André Santos
  • Audrey Chaplin
  • Barbara Scala
  • Depika Mistry
  • Dunia Reverter
  • Graham Chaplin
  • Heidi Kharbhih
  • Henrique Custodio
  • Komal Dadlani
  • Rosana Espino
  • Sarah Jupp
  • Susan Hunt
  • Troy Mortimer
  • Vivien Hunt


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