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Protection of the Ecosystem is in Our Power

Water covers two-thirds of the surface of the Earth, but Fresh water is 0.002% on Earth. What will your children drink?

Our Vision

To reconnect humans to their natural environment
Through promoting education and awareness on sustainability, collaborations to restore the eco-system, delivering sustainable products and services and emotive experiences designed to create a ripple effect, change perspectives and ensure those without a voice are heard. 

We value equality of all life.

We value human kindness.

We dream big.

We plan and we act.

We find the value in what has come before and the value in innovation.

We take nothing for granted.

We take care to tackle problems at their heart.

We are in service of the world.

Be part of the conversation. Be part of the change.

Meet the Team:

Heidi Kharbhih

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Paula Atherill


Paula has a background in data analytics and management reporting and holds two degrees. Initially working for 10 years in the financial services sector in Marketing and Risk departments Paula was a Decision Science Manager, responsible for building highly accurate decision models for credit card applications.

Paula has been self-employed and running her own business since 2009. Specialising in online technology solutions small businesses and charitable organisations. Paula’s business, Creative Analysis Ltd, specialises in developing CRM systems and integrated end-to-end online solutions. Their particular passion is creating systems that enable business owners to work from anywhere.

Paula regularly gives back to the community and more recently to world causes, working with C4C. Having worked as a Youth Worker for 12 years Paula has a breadth of experience in working with young people and education outside of the standard curriculum. Paula was the founder of a youth community organisation called Youth Routes, which provided many development and learning experiences for young people. Including running 3 outdoor music festivals where young people could perform in a safe and supportive environment.

In July 2018 Paula is canoeing down the Zambezi River for 4 days to raise money for children’s senior education. The education involves teaching conservation to the young people in Zambia.

Gina Battye


Gina Battye is an internationally sought after authenticity coach, celebrity interviewer, TV Show Host, columnist for leading LGBT magazines worldwide and an award-winning speaker.

Over a 10 year period Gina has developed a strikingly powerful coaching process (The Soul Work) whilst working with public figures,celebrities and LGBT role models.

Gina works with senior leaders, executives & celebrities to remove the blockages “that stop you from being the real ‘you’ & your true self.”

Gina is the leading voice for LGBT self-help and is a highly regarded LGBT consultant, working with companies around the world on LGBT Inclusion Strategy.

As the creator of The Soul Work, Gina Battye has established herself as a force to be reckoned with in the sphere of personal development.

Positioning yourself as a thought leader
Building a successful personal brand
Speaking skills
Raising your profile
Creating & implementing a visibility strategy (includes speaking, PR, national & international press and digital strategy – social media, blogging, video, podcasting)

Marissa Land

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Anthony Wilkinson

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Meet the Contributors: