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Sustainable Architecture

According to an article in the journal ‘Der Spiegel’, Americans are working on the colonisation of Mars, they invest billions of Dollars into this future vision. Should these plans one day become a reality, we would have the possibility to escape our…

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Sustainable Tourism

Conversations for Change April 2016: Sustainable Tourism Breakout Session The highly motivated participants in the Sustainable Tourism Breakout Session began by discussing the definition of ‘sustainable tourism’. What does sustainable tourism actually involve? How has the concept been defined in the…

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Post 2016 Event Wrap Up

Conversations for Change 2016 On 2nd and 3rd April, St Anton am Arlberg hosted the Conversations for Change 2016 conference. 60 participants from Austria, UK, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Denmark and Canada joined the successful event with the ambitious aim of…

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