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Talking Action: Conversations for Change Workshops

Our workshops for small groups focus on practical, action-planning conversations for change. Established in 2016, this format utilises conversation structures as a key tool to connect with others, refine ideas and take first or next steps towards decisive action. In...

Theodore Zeldin Quotes

“The kind of conversation I like is one in which you are prepared to emerge a slightly different person” “To be a catalyst is the ambition most appropriate for those who see the world as being in constant change, and...
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Change everything!

Tired of corruption, tax evasion, poverty, greed and fear? Want to hear about a fresh alternative? Check out Economy for the Common Good. To contribute to the start-up campaign head to the Change Everything website to take this economic model...

Sustainable Architecture

According to an article in the journal ‘Der Spiegel’, Americans are working on the colonisation of Mars, they invest billions of Dollars into this future vision. Should these plans one day become a reality, we would have the possibility to escape our...

Sarah Jupp dos SantosSarah Jupp dos Santos
I believe we can all take personal responsibility, no matter who we are, for facing up to the problems in our world - big, small, global, local - and changing them for the better, starting right now. I am keen to start great conversations that can help us tap into our unique talents, experiences and passions, in order to motivate, stimulate and stir us to action, allowing ourselves to change and to be changed through what we say and hear.
André Correia dos SantosAndré Correia dos Santos
It is easy in our day to day lives to forget about the problems affecting far away lands or species, or to assume that their scale is far beyond our ability to affect any real change.  Yet we must have greater awareness, we must face up to these problems and do what we can before it is too late.  I am interested in having honest conversations about the real root causes of the issues threatening the survival of life on this planet, and the real and effective changes we can all make.
Dr. Heidi KharbhihDr. Heidi Kharbhih
Founder of Conversations for Change and conference organiser. Heidi is passionate about change and making a difference and believes that to change the world we must each look at ourselves and challenge the current paradigm; our everyday behaviours and actions should align to humanitarian and sustainable principles; deliberate acts of kindness will lead to chain reactions of positive change; enjoys making a difference through collaboration.
Dunia ReverterDunia Reverter
Dunia has always felt the need to positively contribute to the community through promoting diversity. Her life-changing insight is that by identifying the very best in ourselves, we can improve the world around us and achieve new and sustainable levels of authentic fulfilment, gratification and meaning.